Luke Bryan Denies That He Falls On Stage So Much Because He’s Always Drunk: “It’s Not Alcohol”

Luke Bryan

He’s not drunk, just clumsy.

In case you haven’t noticed, Luke Bryan tends to bust his ass a lot on stage.

The most recent viral incident happened a couple of weeks ago when Luke appeared to slip on a phone that a fan had thrown on stage, but on closer inspection, turns out the cell phone wasn’t to blame.

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And there have been numerous falls over the years…and most of them make their way to the ol’ YouTube.

Now, if you go to the comments, most people just assume that the falls are because Luke has a few too many while he’s on stage. I mean, he does have songs like “One Margarita” and “But I Got A Beer In My Hand.”

But according to Luke, that’s not the case.

The singer was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday where he was asked about his habit of busting his ass on stage. And Luke was quick to shut down speculation that it’s because he’s always drunk:

“You check the comments on the fans talking about the fall and there’s 9 out of 10 comments that point to me being drunk…

This is my chance to clear the air on this drinking and falling.

I’m 6’2,” I’m up there trying to do Michael Jackson moves in too big of a frame, and when you add water to a stage and slick cowboy boots you go down hard.

It’s not alcohol, fans. You just can’t drink a bottle of vodka and go do a two hour show.”

He also acknowledges that the content of his songs probably lead people to think that he’s always drunk, but insists that’s not the case:

“It doesn’t mean that I spend my whole life [drinking] while working.”

According to Luke, the real explanation is that he’s just clumsy:

“What is it, if you’re going to be stupid you gotta be tough? I am that. Somehow I’ve dodged injury and I can’t predict when it will happen again.”

Be careful out there Luke. Not getting any younger, after all.

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A beer bottle on a dock