Bull Moose Comes Within 2-Yards Of Bowhunter Who Rips A Hard Shot To The Chest

Moose hunter up close

Nothing in the hunting world seems as thrilling as bagging a smasher of a bull moose with a bow. You have to get the largest member of the deer family within a very close distance to be able to get an ethical shot off.

These are some big animals, especially in the remote areas of Alaska. They have very little competitive pressure and only a few hunters that go out of their way to target big bulls like this. They have the ability to grow old, all while being strong and tough animals due to the conditions they are able to survive in the north.

This hunting duo flew into a remote area to target a bull moose with a bow. When they start hunting the quickly spot a mature moose that they want to target.

The man sneaks around and gets a better position. He starts calling as if he were another bull and the moose comes in on the tear grunting back to him.

The bull pops out from behind a bush and is only 2-yards away from the hunter standing face-to-face. The hunter releases the only shot he has, straight to the chest. A hard shot.

The bull only makes it 30-yards and drops to the ground already dead. What a shot and what a close encounter. It really doesn’t get much closer than this.

That’s a thrill just watching the hunt.

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