Golfers Stop Play To Watch Two Hippos Viciously Battle On African Golf Course

Hippo golfers

Who said golf was a boring sport?

It looks like if you tee it up in Africa, hazards on the golf course have a double meaning. These guys were just trying to get a round of 18 holes in, and at one point went face-to-face with some fighting hippopotamuses.

Did you know that, statistically, you are more likely to be fatally attacked by a hippo? According to a source, around 2,900 people are killed by hippos every year, which just seems like a wild number does it not?

And to be honest, these guys that were out on the links are lucky they didn’t have to run for their lives, because the hippos could have turned the fight on them at any moment.

However, the hippopotamuses were a little too busy battling one another, which gave the group of gawking golfers (I’m proud of that alliteration) the chance to get dangerously close to the intense battle taking place in the green side pond.

Take a look:

Social media users were pretty surprised that the golfers were standing so close to the dangerous hippos, and left some pretty comical commentary below the video calling them out:

Yeah, if you hit your ball in that pond, it belongs to the pond now. You’d have to be completely mad to go in and grab a ball with those hippos in there, even with one of those 10-foot extending ball retrievers.

Also, love the Shooter McGavin meme right there. Perfect use, because how are you really supposed to focus on your golf shot with that going on in the water hazard?

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