Virginia Turkey Hunter Takes A Rifle Shot To The Leg In Hunt Gone Wrong

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With fall turkey season, as well as most duck seasons, starting to get underway (depending on where you live), let’s revisit this video to serve as an important reminder… make sure we know what we are shooting at.

I know for myself how easy it is to convince yourself that a bush or a rock is exactly the creature you are after. But as a hunter you can’t pull that trigger until you are 100-percent sure you know what you are shooting at.

Any other way about it is irresponsible and dangerous. I love guns, and I love hunting, but they are meant to cause serious harm to the things they hit. So let’s just start with gun safety 101 and make sure we know what we are shooting at.

Hunting brings all sorts of emotions, excitement being one of the main ones. It is easy to get all jacked up for something as fun as turkey hunting. These seasons happen once a year, with there often being single animal limits on seasons. This can create a panic to get the job done.

But let me ask, is any animal worth risking someone’s life over? Because of your carelessness? No.

Turkey hunting involves sneaking through the woods, hoping not to be seen. And then doing your best to pretend you are turkey. On public land, AKA popular land, this can often lead to turkey hunters drawing other hunters to them as they call.

These Virginia hunters found that out the hard way back in 2017. They are seen set up in a tree, camera crew and calls all ready to go. They must have been good, because as they  call you hear a shotgun followed by one of the hunters screaming as he is hit in the ass.

What an awful thing to have happen. You can even see the gun go off just to the left of the hunter’s head… just a terribly irresponsible shot.

As it turns out, the irresponsible hunter was using a .243 rifle, which hit a tree before it made contact with the hunter. Luckily, the hunter wasn’t seriously injured, but I’m sure that left a mark. Hopefully it left a mark in the mind of the moron who fired the shot as well.

I will say though, it would be slightly funny having the Forrest Gump style gun wound. But that was too close to be funny.

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