Wolf With No Jaw Caught On Video In Yellowstone National Park

wolf Yellowstone

Maybe the best part about Yellowstone National Park, is that you never know what you may witness whenever you make a trip.

Needless to say, it’s a bucket list trip for me, considering there’s so much wildlife out in the park that spans from Montana, to Wyoming, and Idaho – things that I never see here in South Carolina.

Of course, you may witness some pretty strange or gruesome sights as well, which is just part of nature.

But speaking of strange sights at Yellowstone National Park, this is one that Yellowstone wildlife photographer Peggy Peregrine-Spear didn’t have on her 2023 calendar.

She captured a wild video of a female wolf with a collar roaming the land without a lower jaw. You can only see a piece of flesh dangling from what’s left of the creature’s mouth.

Peregrine-Spear believes that the injury was sustained during a hunting encounter. Of course, since the wolf is collared Yellowstone National Park was able to monitor the situation as well.

She wrote in the caption:

“This is wolf 1276F of the Junction Butte pack in Yellowstone National Park on Oct 4. Her injury is possibly from a hunting encounter with either an elk or bison and is said to have happened around Sept 26. YNP is aware of her situation.”

As wild of a sight as it is, it’s a sad one as well knowing that the wolf won’t be able to survive for much longer, considering it’s no longer able to consume food.

Check it out:

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