USC Football Coaches Spraying Water On Players To Prepare Them For Rainy Weather At Notre Dame

USC football
USC Football

Practice makes perfect, even when the weather forecast looks to be far from perfect.

The USC Trojans travel to South Bend, Indiana to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this Saturday, and the fair weather west coast team is trying to properly prepare for their trip to the Midwest.

Tenth ranked USC comes into the game undefeated, while the twenty first ranked Notre Dame team is coming off a loss at the hands of the tough Louisville Cardinals football team. The Trojans have been on a roll so far this season, mostly thanks to the former Heisman winner and probable future Heisman winner Caleb Williams being absolutely electric on the football field.

USC’s offense has been hard to stop, and though Notre Dame has a pretty respectable defense, the Fighting Irish are leaning on something else to help them bounce back and take down the Trojans: the weather.

The forecast for South Bend does not look great for Saturday. 56 degrees is the expected high temperature for the day, and rain showers are supposed to be in the area off and on. People in the Midwest might call that “football weather,” but those that live in the state of California might consider a cold and rainy day a “weather emergency.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the weather plays a factor in the high-stakes matchup, and if it gives Notre Dame the upper-hand.

The USC coaching staff is doing their very best not to leave anything up to chance, which is why they opted to spray their punt returners in the face with water at practice this week.

Take a look:

I’d say they still have some work to do after watching that…

And I hate to mention it, but that’s a weed-killer sprayer and container, is it not? Hopefully they washed that out really well before spraying water in player’s faces with it.

Social media wasn’t sure how to feel about the “water drill” that USC was running, and left their thoughts, feelings, and concerns in the reply section below the video:

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