LeBron James’ High School Football Footage Resurfaces, And OF COURSE He’s B*tching At The Ref

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Yeah, LeBron James might be the greatest athlete the world has ever seen…

The dude is 38-years-old (about to turn 39) and is still playing at extremely high level in the NBA. James has been playing in the NBA for 20 years, which means that he’s now playing against professional basketball players that were born after he started his NBA career.

That’s crazy…

His athleticism, size, and career longevity have caused people to wonder if he could have played any other sport besides basketball. At 6′ 9″ and 250 pounds, James could probably be slotted into just about any other pro sport and be able to hold his own.

There have always been rumors that LeBron could take his talents and transfer them over to the football field pretty easily, with many saying the 4-time NBA Champion could slot into the Tight End position seamlessly. When the Browns were at the peak of their down years, basically from 2008 to 2017, fans were even clamoring for him to help the team.

Footage that has just emerged on social media (and is going viral) shows LeBron playing football back in his high school days at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, and he certainly has the raw talent and athleticism needed to catch the pigskin.

The video shows a very small (and possibly bad, at least form-wise) quarter back dishing out passes to LeBron, with the “King” easily and effortlessly bringing them down. Much like his entire NBA career, LeBron gets up and immediately starts complaining to the ref about something. Classic LeBron…

In the clip, the second of the two catches that are featured is the most impressive, with James catching a ball over his shoulder and diving for the end-zone to score a touchdown.

Imagine having LeBron James to throw to out on the football field… his catch radius would be insane. I’m sure he certainly helped out this QB.

Take a look:

Funny how some things never change:

You might watch that and say “that was a long time ago, there’s no way LeBron could still play at that kind of level.”

Fair criticism, but may I point out that James absolutely lit it up playing flag football against fellow NBA star Kevin Durant during the NBA lockout in 2011? Just watching this video below, it feels like LeBron could play just about any position on the football field (or at least could have at one time).

Check it out:

And if you still somehow need convincing that LeBron could at the very least catch a few passes in the NFL, this video from just last year shows James burning teammate Anthony Davis on a route when the Lakers played football after practice:

Maybe once LeBron retires from the NBA (if he ever does), someone can sign him to a short term deal and he can catch a touchdown pass in the NFL?

Is that too much to ask?

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