Coastal Carolina Football Player Picks Up And Drinks Beer That Was Thrown At Him By Appalachian State Fans

Coastal Carolina football

Fun Belt football, baby.

I love this time of year because there’s football on every single night of the week. In fact, we’re in the middle of a stretch of 51 straight days with at least one football game, and I love it.

One reason is because you get to watch teams that you may not pay attention to most of the time, and these mid-week college football games are always insane for some reason.

Now, as a Marshall fan I’m pretty familiar with our rivals in the Sun Belt, Coastal Carolina and Appalachian State. But a lot of the country probably hasn’t got to see them play as much. And those who tuned into the game between the Chanticleers (whatever that is) of Coastal Carolina and the Mountaineers of App State got to see one hell of a game.

Appalachian State fans always show up for their team, and the atmosphere at Kidd Brewer Stadium looked absolutely electric. And the action on the field was just as good, with the game coming down to a walk-off field goal for Coastal Carolina to take the win on the road.

And after the game, Appalachian State fans were obviously upset, and began hurling beer cans toward the Coastal Carolina players.

But CCU offensive lineman Evan Jumper saw that as an opportunity for a free beer, picking up one of the cans that was thrown onto the field and turning it up in a hilarious taunt to the App State crowd.

Now I’d say the can was unfortunately empty by that point, but Jumper was just excited to celebrate the win and talk some trash to the opposing fans – using the trash they threw at him.

Man I love the Fun Belt…and love seeing App State lose. (Sorry Luke Combs…and Casey).

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock