Arizona Dad Strips Down To Daisy Dukes & Crop Top At School Board Meeting To Protest Dress Code Policy

man in halter top and shorts
Ira Latham

Yeah, his daughter is never going to talk to him again after this stunt.

This Arizona dad put his “dad-bod” on the line to try and convince his school district not to relax their dress code. And the whole scene looked to be straight out of an Impractical Jokers punishment.

Ira Latham, a concerned father whose daughter attends Higley High School (and has three other children are also in the school district), did everything he could to convince the school board not to lay off the strict dress code that they’ve had in place (and have not changed) since 2001.

As he stood in front of God and everyone at the Higley Unified School District meeting, he pleaded with the school board not to be lenient with their dress requirements at school. To really prove his point, he decided to offer up a visual to the board, which I’m sure they wish they could unsee.

As Ira stood at the podium, he stripped off his shirt to reveal a tight black top, and ditched his pants to show that he was wearing tight blue jean shorts. He then told the board:

“Under the proposed policy, this would be appropriate in a classroom.”

Though the display was supposed to be serious in nature, there were some laughs and chuckles from those in attendance. And can you really blame them? How often do you see a dad wear clothes (that he apparently thrifted just for this moment) like that?

The concerned dad didn’t seem to care, and had even spoke out previously against the dress code changes that would allow for exposed midriffs, halter tops, and spaghetti straps.

Ira decided that he needed to step up his argument by wearing what the board would deem to be okay right in front of them.

Latham told his local news station:

“My concerns were about preparing students for entering the workforce, having the right expectations, having respect for other students in the classroom…

The dress code that they wanted to get to is just basically a dress code for a public pool. Make sure that kids cover their underwear and that’s about it.”

Unfortunately for Ira, the governing board eventually voted the more lenient dress code into effect, even after he stripped down right in front of them.

Latham was upset with their decision, and stated:

“It’s gonna get harder for the teachers to deal with this new policy. It’s gonna be distracting in the classroom and it’s gonna have some parents that want to pull their kids out of the district.”

You can view the entire story on the disgruntled, daisy-duke wearing dad below:

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