25 Of Your Most Controversial Country Music Opinions

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Country music fans are never shy about giving their opinions…and neither are our followers.

Every day we see people arguing in the comments over their favorite artists, what is or isn’t country, who should get more respect…and honestly, we love it.

Overall I think it’s safe to say that country music is in a much better place now than it was 10 years ago, and with so many new superstars taking over the genre, there’s sure to be some passionate debate and hot takes about country music out there.

So we asked our followers on Twitter (or X, or whatever it’s called today) for some of your controversial country music opinions:

And man did y’all deliver.

So we figured we’d go through some of the best, break them down, give our thoughts…just talk about country music.

Here were 25 of your most controversial country music opinions.

There were a LOT of opinions on Zach Bryan, who is inarguably one of the biggest stars in country music right now. And a lot of them went something like this:




And honestly, I get where they’re coming from. It took me longer than most to get into Zach’s music, and while some of the songs are a little too similar, he definitely has some great music, and his songwriting is leaps and bounds ahead of a lot of the stuff we hear on the radio.

But of course there are other artists that some people feel should be getting the attention that Zach has right now:


Somebody even said that they prefer J.R. Carroll, a member of Zach’s band who is a killer singer and songwriter in his own right, over Zach:


Then there were the hot takes that weren’t directly about Zach, but rather, about his fans…


There’s no denying that ZB fans are a passionate bunch…

And then there were the thoughts that had nothing to do with his music:


Hard to argue with that one.

But aside from Zach, the other artist who y’all mentioned the most was Morgan Wallen, and as it turns out…most of you don’t understand the hype:





When it comes to Morgan though, I have to say I agree with this take:

I’m not a huge Morgan Wallen fan, but I also don’t hate him either. But some of his best songs are the songs that aren’t on the radio. It’s hard to argue that songs like “Last Night” or “Wasted On You” are country, but he has songs like “Keith Whitley” and “’98 Braves” from his latest album that are actually pretty good country songs. The problem is those aren’t the songs that everybody hears.

But when it comes to Morgan Wallen, this may be the hottest of hot takes:


Yeah, that’ll get people fired up.

Apparently there are also a few people out there who aren’t a fan of Cody Johnson’s newer music and think that he’s fallen off in the past few years:



There were also quite a few opinions on classic country music, including this one that I wholeheartedly agree with:



I’ve said many times that if Keith Whitley had lived, he would have been the biggest name in country music – maybe ever. That may be an unpopular opinion, and one we’ll obviously never know the answer to, but I’ll die on that hill.

Then there were a few that I just can’t get behind:



That one has to be trolling, right?

And there was also this one, which I’m sure will draw some strong reactions:


Top 10 album of the decade? That’s a…big statement.

But then there were some that don’t really seem all that controversial at all.





Hard to argue with any of those.

And then of course there were even some defenders of pop country…I mean, who doesn’t like to throw on a corny pop country song at a tailgate every once in awhile?


Overall, we got a ton of great responses, more than I can include in one article, but it was fun to read everybody’s opinions on country music. So keep them coming over on Twitter, because we might just have to talk about some more of them in a day or two.

Oh, and there’s one more that I just have to include because I thought it was hilarious:


Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

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