Stephen Wilson Jr. Releases Beautiful Acoustic Video For “Grief Is Only Love”

Stephen Wilson Jr. country music
Stephen Wilson Jr.

Since the release of Son Of DadI have had the full project on repeat.

However, one song off the impressive debut album from Stephen Wilson Jr., that was an early favorite of mine and has continued to grow into a tried and true song for me, is “Grief Is Only Love.” While the album highlights the struggles of love and loss, sewing in memories and messaging from his late father, this song just struck a chord with me from day one… and it continues to do so.

The song talks about the heaviness that comes while grieving but wanting to hold onto those feelings because they hold so many memories and cherished moments with the one you lost.

Today, Wilson Jr. released a stunning acoustic version of the track from the same studio where he cut the album.

“Took all I could to get through this one. Dad was heavy in the air that day. ‘Grief is Only Love’ live acoustic at Farmland Studios, where we made the ‘Son Of Dad’ album.”

Not only is the videography a stunning aspect of the video, highlighting Wislon Jr.’s unique twang, but the stripped-down track allows you to hear the heaviness in the lyrics. The words are translated through his expressions as he sings. Viewers can see that each word throughout “Grief Is Only Love” comes straight from the heart and tells an unfiltered story.

The last line of the first verse hooks you in when he sings:

“The kinda pain I pray don’t fade away.”

Followed by the entrancing chorus that builds throughout the track, sang with more and more passion each time.

“And the ones above guide me down the road
Yeah grief is only love that’s got no place to go
From my great grandad in the ground To all the ghosts in my hometown
Yeah they’re the ones that find me down the road
Yeah grief is only love that’s got no place to go
Grief is only love…”

This is a video to carve out some time for today… it’s stunning.

Just for fun, here is the non-acoustic version of the track, too.

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