Jon Pardi Serenades His Giggling Daughter With A Song About Pooping Her Diaper And It’s Adorable

Jon Pardi baby daughter

Not gonna lie, I think this one’s a hit.

Jon Pardi and his wife Summer became first-time parents earlier this year with the birth of their daughter, Presley Fawn Pardi, back on February 18. And it seems like Presley is already reaping the benefits of having a country star for a father.

In a video shared by Pardi to his Instagram, the eight month old not only got a private show from her superstar father, but he also made up a song just for her, as Presley giggled and danced along:

“Little baby Presley gonna poop in her diapers, yeah
Hey, is that so funny
Little baby Presley’s laughing
Little baby Presley knows her name”

Definitely not the worst country song I’ve heard this year.

And Presley was clearly loving it, laughing at her dad while mom filmed and laughed along in the background.

Seems like the Pardis are naturals at this parenting thing.

It’s been a big year for Jon, who not only celebrated the birth of his first daughter, but will also be celebrating his induction as a member of the Grand Ole Opry later this month.

Pardi was surprised with the invitation during his performance at Stagecoach in his home state of California this spring, when Alan Jackson appeared via video to break the news:

“I get the honor to invite you in front of all your Stagecoach friends out there to be the first native of California to become an official member of the Grand Ole Opry.” 

@whiskeyriff♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

Pardi will officially be inducted as a member of the Opry family on October 24.

And later that week, he’ll be dropping his first Christmas albumMerry Christmas from Jon Pardi. While we won’t be getting any original songs on the album, Pardi promised that it would be a good time:

“I did go through a lot more pop songs and other stuff. I can’t give it away because I was really detailed in what we’re recording. But we’re not singing ‘Silent Night’ or ‘O Holy Night’ or any boring-ass Christmas songs.”

I bet baby Presley will be pumped for that one too.

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