Homeowner Calls Out UK Basketball Coach John Calipari In Zillow Post For Not Returning Their Weedeater

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Nothing more annoying than a neighbor who borrows something and doesn’t return it, right?

It’s pretty annoying having to chase something of yours down from a neighbor after they’ve borrowed it. I mean, it should be their responsibility to return it if you let them use it…

Well apparently one of John Calipari’s neighbors has the same problem.

In a hilarious Zillow listing for a home in Lexington, Kentucky, a homeowner calls out the University of Kentucky head basketball coach for borrowing their weedeater and never returning it.

The note from the real estate agent reads:

“As per seller: UK fans, this house is close enough for Coach Calipari to borrow your weed-eater but apparently too far for him to return it.”

Brutal. I can just hear the homeowner complaining to their realtor about their celebrity neighbor who never returned their weedeater, and wanting to include something about it in the listing. You can tell that the real estate agent didn’t really want to include that (but I’m on the homeowner’s side, it’s relevant information) and only added that on there at the insistence of the seller.

Of course the home in the listing is a 3,400-square foot home that’s listed for sale for $849,000, so I don’t think the issue is that this guy couldn’t afford to buy a new weedeater. This was purely about the principle of the matter. You don’t borrow a guy’s weedeater and then just not return it.

Hopefully Calipari just forgot about it, and this listing jogs his memory before his neighbor moves.

Or maybe this guy’s just a Louisville fan…

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