Giant Jack-O-Lantern Decoration Who Insists His Name Is “Lewis” Is A Social Media Sensation

Lewis pumpkin

You’ve heard of a Jack-O-Lantern, but what about a Lewis-O-Lantern?

This viral sensation is showing the impact that social media can have in the marketing world. Target can barely keep their weird, outspoken pumpkin character named “Lewis” in stock.

People can’t get enough of the 8-foot tall Halloween decoration only because it has an intriguing catchphrase that has taken the social media world by storm.

I don’t know if that was the original idea behind this strange Halloween decoration, but if it was, it is working like a charm.

Why is everyone racing to their local Target to try and bring home this giant talking prop? Well, because it says this:

“I am not a jack-o-lantern. My name is Lewis.”

I do have to admit that the delivery of the line is rather comical, though like everyone else, I can’t put a finger exactly on what makes Lewis the towering pumpkin man so intriguing.

Lewis is also programmed to say the following quotes:

“I’m so happy you could carve out some time to come out tonight.”

“I fear nothing night or day, except a strong breeze to make me sway.”

The decoration really started to gain some attention on TikTok, and now everyone and their brother is trying to find a place to buy their very own Lewis.

It originally was listed at Target for $180 bucks, but due to high demand and low inventory, people are now listing it for over $400 on E-Bay.

Anyone that is able to get one at this point is certainly going to be the talk of the trick-or-treating neighborhood. Who would have thought that a defiant, pun-cracking, anthropomorphic jack-o-lantern would be the hit of the Halloween season?

A video of Lewis in action was posted to the X account “Know Your Meme,” and was captioned:

“Target has a certified Halloween hit, all because of a viral TikTok video that showcased one of its pumpkin animatronics…”

I know stores are looking to capitalize on this, so what kind of Christmas spin-off do you think we’ll see?

A snowman who insists his name is Steve? A nutcracker who only goes by the name Carl?

The possibilities are endless, but Lewis was the trendsetter that got it all started…

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