Two Grizzly Bears Get Into Knock-Down-Drag-Out Fight In The Middle Of The Road

Bears fight on the road
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This is a fight that you definitely don’t want to step in and try to break up.

Unless you have a death-wish, of course. Then these two fighting grizzly bears would happily invite you into their knock-down-drag-out.

This has got to be one of the nastiest, aggressive bear fights that has ever been caught on camera. I don’t know what happened between these two grizzlies, but they were definitely getting things settled right then and there.

They chose to battle right in the middle of the road, which probably inconvenienced some drivers. Imagine being late to work and having to tell your boss:

“Sorry I’m late. Two grizzly bears were in an all out brawl right in the middle of the road, and I couldn’t go around them, and I definitely wasn’t going to bother them.”

This seems like it is one of those fights that it’s best to just let them get out of their systems. They are roaring right in each other’s faces and swinging their bear paws and landing nasty hooks like there is no tomorrow.

And considering how violent this fight is, there’s a chance that there might not actually be a tomorrow for one of them. The biggest turn in the fight happens when one of the grizzly bear does its best offensive lineman impersonation and pushes the other grizzly a good 10 yards backwards.

The two bruins go barreling off the side of the road while they continue to roar and fight with another. A brief scuffle in the roadside brush is then quickly transported back onto the road, because I guess that’s where only the toughest of the tough bears fight?

The two grizzlies continue to stare each other down, but the fighting does slow down at this point as the bruins trade grunts back and forth.

In the funniest part of the video, the person that is recording the whole thing fumbles their phone as the bears start to run towards their vehicle.

Like I said earlier, you wouldn’t want to get in the middle of those two bears, and there seemed to be a chance that the two grizzlies were bringing the battle closer to the vehicle.

That would be an ever harder thing to tell your boss when you show up to work two hours late:

“Yeah, sorry boss, two bears started fighting right next to my car, and when one slammed into the driver side door, it jammed the door shut. 

Then one the other grizzly was swinging to defend itself as it fell down on the road, it accidentally slashed my tire. Wild commute this morning.”

Good thing this person has the video to prove it…

Take a look:

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