Washington Coyote Has Survived Over 9 Month Missing Half Of Its Face

Coyote missing half its face

Nature is brutal…

You just never know what you’re gonna come across out there, but one thing is for sure, only the strong survive.

Coyotes have proven themselves to be some of the toughest. They are known as some of the most adaptable animals in the world, able to survive in various different environments from the deep woods to cities. They have a wide diet and will eat just about anything they can find, whether it’s scavenging from roadkill or hunting for birds and other small mammals. They have been known to attack small pets such as cats and dogs, and will even go for fruit or berries if they need to.

Similar to wolves, they are wild dogs, and so they will hunt when they need to. Although not as common as you’d might think, they are able to take out larger animals such as deer. While fawns are a much easier meal, coyotes in numbers can take down adult deer as well. Coyotes only reach 45 pounds at their max, making it hard for them to get anything too big on their own.

Unlike wolves, coyotes generally don’t form large packs, but rather smaller family groups. Usually consisting of a male and female and their pups, the family will occasionally hunt together, however when the pups are more mature, they’ll generally go their separate ways.

They can be aggressive and get themselves in situations over their heads. But like I said, they are some of the toughest creatures out there, able to survive wild things.

This coyote clearly got himself into quite the scrap. In a video from Nature is Metal, you can see the coyote completely missing its top jaw. It is still living and moving forward as best as it can, but does not look great.

This thing has no choice but to just keep on pushing forward. Nature is so harsh, but also amazing what these animals are able to go through and keep going.

One of the commenters recognized this poor fellas and provided a little more insight into its tough situation:

“This coyote lives in my neighborhood, in Tacoma Washington, & I saw it for the 1st time last weekend. I was absolutely shocked & astonished, of course. After doing some searching on my local neighborhood app, it’s been living this way for over 9 months.

You can also see it’s not starving, so my guess is someone is feeding it. It clearly can’t hunt. This coyote’s resilience is mind-boggling.”

Of course, they are probably correct in that someone might be feeding it, but it definitely looks pretty thin and unable to hunt. Short of human intervention, this fella probably wouldn’t survive too much longer on its own.

Nevertheless, a testament to the resiliency of these creatures.

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