Monkey Named Momo Spotted Drinking A Beer In Indianapolis Neighborhood After It Escaped From Its Home

Momo the monkey

Most of the time, when you see a monkey running around, you’re visiting your local zoo.

That wasn’t the case for Indianapolis, Indiana residents last night, because a monkey named Momo broke out from its owner’s home and was on the loose all night long.

Those living around Indiana’s capital were on high alert, and warned by the Indianapolis Police Department to not approach Momo and were given constant updates on the whereabouts of the monkey on the run.

Like this one below (I love that they also made sure to point out that the picture they provided was the actual monkey):

The IMPD reported that minor injuries were reported across the area as the monkey was running amuck, though thankfully no one was bitten by Momo during his reign of terror.

And my favorite report of Momo’s activity while it spent the night running around was that at one point, the monkey apparently cracked open a cold one.

It was actually probably a warm one, considering that a neighbor in the area reported that he saw Momo get into a trash can, pull out a beer, and take a sip of whatever was left in it.

Can I get a “hell yeah?” Momo the Monkey knows how to PARTY, no wonder he wanted out of the confines of his own home. This monkey had some beer to drink.

Momo’s night out finally ran out of time as the sun came up this morning and people again started to call in to the IMPD to report sightings.

A local news station posted this video below of Momo running through an Indiana neighborhood like a mad man (proper way to put it would I guess be “mad monkey”):

Shortly after this sighting, the IMPD was alerted that Momo had actually managed to break into a vacant home in the gated neighborhood he had been seen frolicking in.

Officers quickly responded to the scene, where they entered the home and bravely shut and locked all of the doors, making sure that no man or monkey could get out.

The IMPD unit managed to coax Momo into the vacant home’s bathroom, and that’s where they eventually managed to apprehend the monkey suspect.

The police department posted this final update earlier today:

“CAPTURED. Momo the monkey has been captured safely. That was more than enough monkey business for us. Thank you all for your assistance.”

This was apparently the second time this year that Momo the monkey has escaped its living quarters.

The elusive monkey is now under the care and supervision of the Indianapolis Animal Care Services, and according to authorities, the monkey’s owner has been cited with “monkey approaching and chasing.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock