New York To Allow Bars & Restaurants To Sell Beer Early Sunday Morning During Buffalo Bills Game In London

Bills mafia
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When it comes to football in Buffalo, New York, we’re talking about a religion.

The Buffalo Bills are known for their rabid fanbase, dubbed the Bills Mafia, and they’re about as rowdy as they come. They pack out Highmark Stadium week in and week out, and it doesn’t matter if the temperature is in the negatives, they’re gonna show up and show out.

Not to mention, their tailgates are absolutely electric, featuring their iconic. WWE-style table smashing, and more alcohol than you can possibly imagine. Yup, Bills fans are a different breed, and with Josh Allen and them boys being the pinnacle of the AFC East over the past few years, they’ve had a lot to celebrate.

However, the Bills aren’t playing in Buffalo this Sunday. In fact, they aren’t even playing in America, as they travel all the way to London, England, to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Of course, Bills fans will definitely be up early to cheer on their team, and drink their faces off, but that poses a bit of problem for fans…

The kickoff is at 9:30 AM ET, and New York has strict laws on alcohol sales on Sunday mornings. Basically, you can’t buy alcohol until 8AM and you can’t drink at a bar or restaurant until 10AM, meaning that fans who want to gather at the local watering hole, won’t be able to buy booze when the game starts.

But, lucky for Bills fans across the state, governor Kathy Hochul announced that bars and restaurants will have until Friday to receive permits to serve alcohol this Sunday morning only.

Although the true deadline has already expired, Hochul is making an exception for this Sunday, according to Pro Football Talk.

Hocul wrote on social media:

“With the Buffalo Bills playing across the pond on Sunday morning, I know fans will be gathering for the big game & may fancy a pint.

I’m directing the State Liquor Authority to extend the deadline for special permits, so sports bars & restaurants can serve as early as 8 a.m.”

Hochul, a native of Buffalo herself, is a huge Bills supporter, and helped pave the way for the $850 million deal to build the Bills’ new stadium.

The beer will be flowing in Buffalo this weekend… bright and early.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock