Golfer “Plays Through” Wedding After His Shot Lands Next To Ceremony

Golfer interrupts wedding
Shooter McGavin

I guess this is a risk that you have to be willing to take if you choose to have your wedding at a golf course.

A wedding is arguably the most intimate event a person can experience, and the joining together of two lives often creates an emotional atmosphere. That “vibe” is kind of lost though when you’ve got golfers literally “playing through” your ceremony.

It seems like the wedding in this video is rather “laid back,” but you still would want it to be distraction free, regardless of the dress code. However, this couple should have thought of that before their ceremony backed up right to a golf course hole which was active with golfers.

An errant shot from one golfer ended with his ball landing feet away from the ceremony. One might hope that if you hit your shot into a wedding, you would simply retrieve it and play your next shot from somewhere else, but that’s not what this guy did.

Instead, he used the ole “foot wedge” and brought his golf ball slightly away from the wedding (and out from behind some trees), then proceeded to hit a rocket shot up the fairway towards the green. The golfer didn’t wait for a right time or anything. He just went full send right in the middle of the vows.

It takes a lot of confidence to do that, and frankly a lot of skill not to hit one of the trees and send a golf ball rocketing into the wedding party. Was it the nicest thing to do? No, probably not, but then again, this couple did choose to have their wedding right next to the golf course.

Take a look:

X users (formerly Twitter users) had all kinds of jokes about the golf course wedding, and most everyone was actually on the side of the golfer:

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