Bald Eagle Takes Canada Goose For A Joyride & Its All Captured On Security Camera Footage

Bald Eagle
Grant PUD

Bald eagles are pretty opportunistic hunters, so I shouldn’t be surprised to see our nation’s bird go after another nation’s bird, but I am.

I had to try to fit that in there because this eagle is seen on security camera footage flying by with a dead Canada goose in its talons. However, I’ll fact check myself by saying that our northern neighbor’s national bird is actually the Gray Jay.

Seems like you would embrace the fact that there is a bird out there literally named after your country, but Canadians must not be worried about the logistics of it all, and would rather call the Gray Jay (not even the Blue Jay? as in the Toronto Blue Jays?) their national bird.

National birds aside, the only thing I’m really worried about with this video is how the goose came to be in the possession of the bald eagle. I’d have to say it was probably one of these three things:

-The Canada goose was already dead, and the bald eagle swooped down and picked it up

-A battle on the ground ensued for some reason, and the bald eagle came out on top and decided to take away the goose for a nice meal

-My favorite option, and the one I hope happened, is that there was a badass aerial fight between the goose and the eagle. I’m talking Top Gun style (goose pun intended), and the Canada goose succumbed to the American (unofficial name) bald eagle.

Could you imagine seeing a bald eagle and a Canada goose duke it out in mid air? Usually you would have to pay for something like that…

Sadly, we don’t know how things went down for the bald eagle to take the goose up in the air. All we really know is that our national bird was taking the deceased goose for a joyride, and happened to fly right by a security camera that was set up at the Wanapum Dam in Vantage, Washington state.

Its a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, so make sure you’re eagle-eyed (sorry) when you press play on the video below:

Just in case you missed it, the Grant County Public Utility District took a screenshot of the eagle carrying the goose and posted it in the the thread below the clip:

Why is it that anything the bald eagle does is majestic?

X users (formerly Twitter) were stunned by the bald eagle effortlessly carrying around the Canada goose, and while I’m sure they wanted to ask questions and present their theories like I did, they were too busy cracking jokes and posting memes in the reply section of the post:

You’ve got to love those “grammar police” type people for pointing out mistakes. Those are the best type of people…

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