Turkey Whisperer Gets A Whole Flock Of Turkeys All Worked Up… Until They Charge In At Him

Turkey whisperer

Gobble gobble.

Just some good ol’ country fun.

Wild turkey have to some of the most fun birds out there. That’s just one hunter’s opinion, though.

These birds are the biggest you can hunt in North America reaching over 20 pounds in many mature birds. They become very aggressive during breeding season and are even known to attack any bird they think is creeping in on their good time.

They are incredibly vocal birds, if you’ve heard them gobble in the deep woods, it truly is one-of-a-kind. Hunting them takes place during their breeding season, so that hunters can use the calls to get a tom to come to them.

Having a turkey come into a call is always an exciting time, and takes a lot of skill to perfect. But this guy had to make everyone else look bad.

This man is seen hilariously crouching down trying to act like a turkey. He starts making noises and flapping his “wings,” and you’d think he’s just being funny, but the toms loses their minds.

The whole flock comes charging in, to the point the man actually has to get up and run away.

That is a good laugh with the boys right there.

@pawka_toeknee I’ve calling in gobblers in wrong the whole time…here is the proper way to get them toms in #hunting #springgobbler #calling #gobblegobble #letsgo ♬ original sound – pawka_toeknee

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