Seagull Pecks Out Spawning Salmon’s Eyeballs, Rips Eggs Out Of Body In Brutal Video

Nature Is Metal

The brutality of nature at its finest.

When we think of seagulls, we typically think of the annoying white birds that constantly fly around us at the beach, screeching and waiting for the second you drop a crumb of food. They’re basically water pigeons… and I guess a little bit better looking.

But they’re much more than just scavengers looking to steal French fries on the boardwalk… they’re hunters.

With a diet that consists of fish, crustaceans, worms, eggs, and insects, they can be quite aggressive when they’re in search of food. I’ve even seen them swoop down on a top water lure, fishing out in open water.

But if you want to see how savage they can be, look no further. This honestly might be one of the most gruesome nature videos I’ve ever seen.

In this wild video footage from Nature Is Metal, you can see a seagull pecking at a spawning salmon that’s laying on some rocks in the water, bleeding a ton from its eye.

And how did the spawning fish get there, you may ask?

The person videoing explains it all:

“I just watched this seagull pull this spawning fish out of the water and eat its eyeball out, and now it’s poking its belly and eating the eggs out of the fish.”

Sure enough, you can visibly see the seagull pulling the eggs straight from the spawning’s belly in a pretty gruesome scene. The fish flops over on its other side, and sure enough, loses its other eyeball to the hungry bird.

The caption to the video eloquently explains the unforgiving nature of this Earthly existence:

It can be hard to witness such interactions without pondering the intrinsic harshness of the natural world.

The brutality is not intentional but rather the outcome of countless eons of evolutionary pressure. Each species, in its quest for survival, adapts strategies that may seem harsh to an observer but are essential for the organism’s continued existence.

In this unforgiving landscape, suffering is an inevitable byproduct of a system finely tuned to prioritize survival above all else.

The relentless drive to live, procreate, and fill ecological roles leads to a natural world that is as barbaric as it is awe-inspiring.”

Nature is metal, indeed…

Check it out, but be warned… it’s hardcore:

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