Pet Python Survived 5 Months Eating House Cats After It Was Released Into Oklahoma Trailer Park

Python on the loose
Oklahoma News 4

This sounds like something you’d see in Florida…but honestly, Oklahoma also does not shock me.

A thirteen-foot-long python was found in a trailer park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After the snake had been seen slithering around a local mobile home park for five months, an expert was called to remove the reptile.

“We’re talking; that thing has been eating opossums, foot-long rats, and cats. The mouth on that thing is the size of your foot, and when it opens up, you’re going to be able to fit something pretty large in there.”

Reported Oklahoma News 4, who chatted with expert Trevor Bounds of Red Beard Wildlife Control.

Bounds noted that the snake’s size and the region where it was found indicate that it more than likely escaped captivity or was a pet that was released into the wild.

“The constricting is what can be the dangerous part. You can’t have small children or pets going near this thing that’s why this should’ve been tackled a whole lot sooner.

Things could have gotten much worse.”

He added.

Concern was raised in the trailer park when some of the homeowners’ cats had gone missing. Once the expert was brought in, they were shocked to find the gigantic snake nestled in someone’s crawl space beneath their mobile home. Shock did not span just among the tenants but also the snake expert, as Bounds noted:

“That home is pretty long, and so getting two people in there in like a foot-and-a-half crawlspace to fight a 13-foot snake is just impossible.

When we looked underneath the floor at the home it created, that’s when we started seeing a bunch of carcasses of large animals.”

They have an animal that large, and I can imagine that each one of those cats put up a nasty fight. So, it’s been attacked that many times, and to that extent, the nice, non-aggressive pet snake we once knew is no more.

This thing is dangerous now.”

Based on his commentary after discovering the snake, I would have sh*t myself running into that thing.

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Tweeted out the story, reminding people this is EXACTLY why you do not release pets into the wild.

“RELEASING A PET TO THE WILD IS NEVER THE RIGHT THING. This is how invasive species spread and harm our native wildlife populations. Please, DO NOT let it loose.”

Check it out:

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