Noah Spencer Delivers Impressive Rendition Of Zach Bryan’s “Something In The Orange” On ‘The Voice’

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The Voice

It’s no secret that ever since Zach Bryan dropped “Something In The Orange” back in April of last year, the song has been covered tons of times from people across the world.

It’s one of those songs that just about any music fan of any genre immediately recognizes from the opening acoustic guitar riffs. Not to mention, the song was Bryan’s first breakthrough song in mainstream country music.

Nevertheless, it’s still awesome to see “Something In The Orange” covered in singing competitions, even over a year after the song’s release.

With that being said, we got yet another cover of the song in last night’s episode of The Voice.

Let me introduce you to Noah Spencer, a 20-year-old from Richlands, Virginia.

In last night’s episode, Spencer put together an impressive rendition of one of Bryan’s greatest hits, while also introducing fans to his gritty and gravely vocals.

Within the first few seconds of the song, Reba, Niall Horan, and Gwen Stefani all turned their chairs in favor of Spencer, with John Legend being the only one who remained unturned. However, all four of them were impressed by Spencer’s gravely voice, with Legend saying there was just a bit too much for his liking.

But, for Niall, the man couldn’t stop wowing over his performance, considering he’s also covered the song as well.

Then, it was time for the decision, and ultimately Spencer chose Niall to be his coach.

Keep an eye out on this kid, because his unique voice could take him quite far on the show.

Check it out:

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