New York Giants Fans Booed An In-Stadium Taylor Swift Ad During Monday Night Football

Giants stadium Taylor Swift

It seems like the luster of the partnership between Taylor Swift and the NFL might be wearing off…

Swifties have officially infiltrated NFL football thanks to Taylor Swift getting into a high-profile relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

She’s now attended back-to-back NFL games (Bears at Chiefs, Chiefs at Jets), and every time she’s been in attendance, ratings have skyrocketed.

This last week’s Sunday Night Football game drew in massive numbers, and averaged 27 million viewers for the duration of the game. It was reportedly the most watched Sunday program since last year’s Super Bowl.

The NFL, seeing the power that Swift brings, has decided to go “all in” on the Taylor Swift experience. They briefly changed their social media profile bios to include “NFL (Taylor’s version)” on X and “the chiefs are 2-0 as Swifties” on Instagram.

However, they actually faced some backlash about the social media updates, and have since removed them. And speaking of backlash…

During last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Giants, an advertisement for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Concert film played on the jumbo-tron during the game.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that NFL fans are kind of tiring of the whole Taylor Swift thing, or the fact that the Giants were getting embarrassed by the Seahawks and tensions were already high, but New York fans were not having it, and started booing the Swift advertisement.

(Disclaimer: be careful New York sports fans, Swifties can be ruthless and they’ll hate you forever for going against Taylor…)

This came a day after Taylor Swift attended a game at that very stadium (Metlife Stadium is shared by the Giants and the Jets), which was covered on the SNF broadcast almost as much as the actual NFL game was.

Swift wasn’t in the stadium for the Giants-Seahawks game (since Kelce wasn’t on the field), and it’s probably a good thing since the New York fans seemed to be fed up with the NFL cozying up to Swift any chance they get.

Videos of Giants fans booing were posted all over social media, with this one captioned:

“Taylor Swift Booed at Giants Game! In an unexpected twist, Taylor Swift, a global pop icon, found herself on the receiving end of boos during a Giants game at MetLife Stadium.

The incident occurred when an advertisement featuring Swift was displayed, eliciting a less-than-warm response from the crowd.”

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