Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “Mornings With You” By Flatland Cavalry Featuring Kaitlin Butts

Flatland Cavalry country music
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Happy Monday, y’all.

Today for the Song of the Week, we have a new one from Flatland Cavalry with Kaitlin Butts called “Mornings With You.”

The single will be featured on Flatland’s forthcoming Wandering Star album, which they just announced will be out everywhere on on October 27th.

Co-written by Cleto with the Pistol Annies’ Ashley Monroe and Nick Walsh, Cleto says it was “effortless” penning this track with them:

“Last June, I got to write with a couple great songwriters in town, Ashley Monroe and Nick Walsh.

The three of us got along effortlessly—I think our collective experiences with the strenuous journey that is dream-chasing and being highwaymen (and women) lent towards us writing a song that is the antithesis of the hustle and bustle of living the ‘Night Life’; a song about the beauty of cherishing the start of a new day, basking in the peace and stillness, with the one you love most.

The song came to life in the studio, expanding its energy and emotion, as the band added their signature touch.”

He also added that it’s “the great honor and privilege” of his life to wake up next to Kaitlin, so he knew he had to get her voice on the song too, seeing as she’s the inspiration behind it:

“It is the great honor and privilege of my life to get to wake up next to my wife, Kaitlin Butts, so including her voice on the song added an element that makes for a truly beautiful and powerful recording.

Like the rising sun bursting from the dark horizon, she and our bass player’s wife, Sydney Saenz, crafted a luminous angel choir outro that takes the song to heavenly places and makes for one of my favorites records we’ve ever made.”

It’s a really sweet little love song about waking up with the person you love and enjoying the “promise of a new day” with them each morning, as is evidenced by the first verse:

“A fresh pot of Folgers, the smell of the rain
Blowin’ through the window the sound of a train
I can see a new day through the promise in your eyes
Wish I could cling to this moment for the rest of my life”

And like I said, seeing as Kaitlin is also Cleto’s wife and the muse for this tune, it was the perfect call to have her vocals featured on this song and emphasize the love in each line.

They also released a music video on Friday, which features shots from their wedding and some footage from recording in the studio.

Make sure you check it out if you haven’t already and mark October 27th on the calendar… it’s gonna be a good one.

“Mornings With You”

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