Applebee’s Is Officially Bringing Back “Dollaritas” & That Sounds Dangerous


Take THAT inflation…

While every other business and restaurant is busy raising prices, your friendly neighborhood Applebee’s keeps slashing prices for customers.

Sometimes they cut things so low that it doesn’t even make sense, like when they did 25 cent wings a couple of years back, or how they are doing the all-you-can-eat wing deal right now.

Yeah, that’s right. You could walk into an Applebee’s TODAY and throw back all the dollar margaritas you can handle and go to war against unlimited wings and fries. Sounds like a hell of a Monday night to me.

Just don’t be like these guys and eat so many wings that the manager of the grill and bar comes out and pleads with you to stop:

@brobemo Had the waiter in shock #applebees #unlimitedwings #unlimitedbonelesswings #fyp #trending ♬ original sound – slideshow hntr

If the “Dollarita” sounds familiar to you, that’s because they’ve done it before. Back in 2017, Applebee’s announced they would be selling one dollar margaritas, and one could say it was a raving success.

The restaurant was on a roll (and kind of always has been) selling reasonably priced alcoholic beverages right before the pandemic hit. That’s when everyone and every place started to pull back on their spending, and raised prices as well.

However, we’re a far ways past that now, which is why Applebee’s figured it was the perfect time to bring back their “Dollaritas.” You might be asking yourself “how can they turn a profit serving margaritas for a dollar?”

That’s a fair question, and the appropriate answer to that inquiry is this: they are a dollar, just shut up and drink them. You aren’t going to Applebee’s because of their world renowned menu. You are going to there eat a decent meal for a decent price, and now you can get a buzz on for a rather reasonable amount of money as well.

If you need some convincing to run (or even sprint) to your local Applebee’s, look no further than this fever dream of an advertisement they put out letting the world know that they are bringing back the “Dollarita.”

The commercial is set to “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osborne, and the visuals of it are probably similar to how you will feel after you try to do the all-you-can-eat wings on top of 8 to 15 “dollaritas.”

Take a look:

Looks like the deal will run all the way through October, so you still have plenty of time to have yourself a NIGHT at your local Applebee’s.

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A beer bottle on a dock