College Kids Eat Over 30 Plates Of Wings During Applebee’s “All You Can Eat Wings” Deal, Manager Begs Them To Stop

Applebee's wings

If you say that it is “all you can eat,” you can’t turn around and get upset when people show up to your restaurant and get their money’s worth out of the promotion.

Right now, Applebee’s is doing an “all you can eat” wings deal for only $12.99, which honestly is one hell of a deal. Think about what you would regularly spend for even 15 to 20 wings at a Buffalo Wild Wings, then think about getting to eat chicken until you explode at Applebee’s for such a reasonable price.

The deal comes with endless fries and coleslaw as well, meaning that you can really be gluttonous with a single trip to your local Applebee’s. Personally, I think that their wings are actually respectable, so it’s honestly a pretty good bang for your buck.

A couple of years back, Applebee’s did a 25 cent boneless wings deal, and I remember myself and a group of friends almost putting our college town’s Applebee’s out of business with the amount of wings we ate. I’ve never seen so many empty plates and ranch cups in my life…

Apparently that trend is continuing with this $12.99 deal, because some college kids ate so many wings that the Applebee’s manager actually came out and asked them to please stop. Now I’m no legal expert, but if it says that it is “all you can eat,” you can’t try and stop someone from eating.

The table had apparently powered through a shocking amount of wings, so much so that the manager at the location started getting worried about the restaurant’s chicken wing inventory. The video that was posted to TikTok showcased the sea of empty plates, as well as the digital receipt that showed how many times they requested additional plates of wings.

The caption on the video says:

@brobemo Had the waiter in shock #applebees #unlimitedwings #unlimitedbonelesswings #fyp #trending ♬ original sound – slideshow hntr

Absolutely hilarious. I can’t imagine that their stomachs were feeling all that great after that battle with endless wings, but I’m sure it was worth it for some college kids to get the most out of their money.

After seeing this, I think I might have just figured out where I’m going to dinner tonight…

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