Government Shutdown Could Bring “Fat Bear Week” To A Halt

fat bear week
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Go ahead and declare a “National Emergency” if Fat Bear Week ends up getting canceled.

There are only a few things in this life that are more exciting and anticipated than Fat Bear Week. I’d say Christmas morning, March Madness, and maybe the Super Bowl (depending on who is playing in it) are the only other things that can give the week devoted to chunky bears a run for its money.

For those that might not know, Fat Bear Week is a viral sensation that the National Parks Service helps to put on every single year, along with

Around this time of the year, bears in Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska start to fatten up for hibernation, and live cams in the park track the bears and allow for fans of the event to vote on their favorite husky bear.

The National Park Service posted about it last week to get everyone pumped up, saying:

“The weight is over! Fat Bear Week returns to Katmai National Park this October 4th through the 10th, and we need your help to crown the fattest bear!”

But now, the fan-favorite contest is in jeopardy because of the potential looming government shutdown. The House and the Senate have just over 24 hours to pass a deal agreeing on government spending in order to avoid a shutdown.

If the government were to shut down, the National Parks Service would be limited, and might not be able to fully participate in Fat Bear Week as they normally would.

Because they coordinate with, there’s a possibility that it could go on without the NPS, and a spokesperson from Katmai National Parks did say there are “plans in place” if the shutdown occurred.

ABC News reported on why Fat Bear Week could be jeopardy:

“During a shutdown, many agencies such as the National Park Service are also not permitted to update websites and social media pages.

That means the viral park service social media promotions of Fat Bear Week would halt.”

Look how fat that bear is…

As you can see, the “promotions” of the contest could cease, yet the contest itself might be able to go on without the National Parks Service being active on social media.

I’ll comfortably speak for everyone and say that the government better get their “you know what” together so we can all sit from the comfort of our homes and vote on our favorite Fat Bears.

A shutdown would be a big letdown, so I suggest that the officials “representing us” should figure it out so Fat Bear Week can go on undisturbed.

Throwback to the winner of last year’s Fat Bear Fan Voting:

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