Ed Orgeron Recalls The Time He Got 100,000+ LSU Fans To Cheer Against Their Own Team

Ed Orgeron

I have to admit, it’s been weird the past couple of seasons without coach Ed Orgeron.

We’re talking about one of the most charismatic coaches in all of college football, and the guy is bayou through and through, being born and raised in Louisiana and even coached the LSU Tigers to a National Championship in 2019.

Unfortunately, LSU and Orgeron decided to mutually part ways after the 2021 season (he got a $17 million dollar bag in the process).

However, every now and then ol’ coach O will still pop up in the headlines, and he’s done it once again (No, it isn’t a viral picture or video of him with a woman MUCH younger than him this time).

Orgeron recently sat down for a mock press conference with Rhoback, where he is the new spokesperson (genius move, Rhoback) recalled the time he got 100,000 plus LSU fans to cheer against their own team.

It all went down back in 2006, when Orgeron was head coach for the Ole Miss Rebels.

The Rebels were playing in Baton Rouge, and after a rough season to this point, they were 27-point underdogs to the Tigers.

On top of that, they had to play in one of the loudest environments in all of college football, so needless to say things weren’t looking too hot for the Rebels. In the locker room before the game, Orgeron told his players that he would be able to get the LSU fans to cheer for Ole Miss.

Of course, nobody believed him, considering LSU fans are some of the most hostile fans around.

But, Orgeron put together an impressive plan:

“We were waiting in the tunnel, the state trooper’s right there, and I’m supposed to run out before LSU. The state trooper says, ‘coach, you gotta go.’ Nuh uh, I ain’t going.

He says again, ‘coach, you gotta go! Nuh uh, I ain’t going. And all of a sudden, here comes the Tigers. They run out…

We run out at the same time! Their Tigers started cheering for their team, and we’re running out. And they see us, man, our team went crazy!”

Yet another legendary moment from the legend himself.

I mean, the man is getting paid to sell quarter zips for Rhoback, and all he has to do is tell some old war stories.

A great move for all involved.

Last week, he shared his favorite memory coaching against Notre Dame:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock