Aerosmith Forced To Postpone Remainder Of Farewell Tour As Steven Tyler Recovers From Fractured Larynx

Steven Tyler
Kazuyo Horie

Back in May, legendary rock & roll band Aerosmith announced their Peace Out Tour, their final year of touring after a mind boggling 50 years.

It was a bittersweet pill to swallow, because so many blast their music to this day (and probably forever will), with songs like “Dream On,” “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” “Walk This Way,” and “Sweet Emotion.”

However, all things must come to an end, and it’s been one heck of a journey for the band that started in Boston, Massachusetts back in 1970.

Everything was going smooth on the tour, until it was announced earlier this month that the band was going to have to cancel a handful of shows after front man Stephen Tyler injured his voice, and was having to go on vocal rest:

“I’m heartbroken to say I have received strict doctor’s orders not to sing for the next thirty days.

I sustained vocal cord damage during Saturday’s show that led to subsequent bleeding. We’ll need to postpone a few dates so that we can come back and give you the performance you deserve.”

With that being said, the band just announced that they’re going to have to cancel the rest of the shows this year, and have to reschedule for next year.

The group shared the news in a joint statement on their Facebook page:

“To our fans: Unfortunately, Steven’s vocal injury is more serious than initially thought. His doctor has confirmed that in addition to the damage to his vocal cords, he fractured his larynx which requires ongoing care.

He is receiving the best medical treatment available to ensure his recovery is swift, but given the nature of a fracture, he is being told patience is essential.

As a result, all the currently scheduled PEACE OUT shows must be postponed to sometime in 2024, with new dates to be announced as soon as we know more.”

Tyler also rounded the statement out by saying:

“I am heartbroken to not be out there with Aerosmith, my brothers and the incredible Black Crowes, rocking with the best fans in the world. I promise we will be back as soon as we can!”

The tickets for the canceled shows will be renewed, and for those who can’t make it to the new dates will receive a refund.

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