Pig Gets Rip-Roaring Drunk On Fermented Corn, Rolls Down A Hill On Kentucky Farm

Lanette Sydnor

We’ve all been there before…

You’re going about your day when your friend walks in with a bottle of something you know you shouldn’t drink and next thing you know you’re orbiting some far away planet and screaming “Before He Cheats” at a local bar.

It’s how some of the best times you’ll never remember are made.

Turns out it’s not just humans that like to get a little crazy on some alcoholic corn juice though, as we see in this video from Cecilia, Kentucky.

In a town of just 572 people, there can’t be much to do and this big bellied pig decided to stick its snout in a bucket of fermented corn that got dumped out to have a little fun.

Well, a little fun indeed was had and the next thing you know she was belly up in the pasture, probably with the worst case of the spins imaginable.

The farmer captured this hilarious video while walking over to him and gave us some great commentary.

“Okay, here it comes. I’ve got to get this intoxicated pig… Hey, are you messed up, girl? … That one there is fine, that one there is fine, this one here is turned belly up.”

The farmer then tried to roll the bloated pig upright but it was unfortunately laying on a hill and began tumbling like a barrel down to the bottom, which shouldn’t be funny, but is undeniably downright hilarious.

The farmer starts yelling after the tumbling swine which made me laugh even harder.

“Woah, oh! Sh*t! Oh, come here girl! Holy hell fire, didn’t mean to do that!”

I mean that is some top notch redneck talk right there.

Even though the pig was clearly wasted, it looks like she was going to be just fine after getting on her feet and starting to walk it off.

Drunk pigs in Kentucky. You never know what you’re going to see on the good old internet.

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A beer bottle on a dock