Eric Church On Chances Of Beating Michael Jordan One-On-One: “No F**king Way”

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Eric Church

You might not have ever wondered the answer to this question, but Eric Church did everyone a favor and went ahead cleared the air about his chances of beating basketball legend Michael Jordan one-on-one.

We’ve heard a lot from Eric Church as of late, finding out that he thinks a lot of the country artists out there with number ones “couldn’t play their high school,” he almost left touring altogether, and that CMA Fest told him he would never be back after his performance in 2019.

He also has appeared to make an enemy along the way, considering that former American Idol standout Josh Gracin ripped into him today on Facebook for no other reason than because he could.

A lot of that new information was from an interview with Esquire, and they actually did a video with him as well where they asked Church to “explain some things,” and the Chief was more than happy to do just that.

Many know that Eric Church is a fan of the North Carolina Tar-heels, and he actually just recently became a really big fan of the state’s professional basketball team in the Charlotte Hornets.

The Chief was actually a part of an ownership group that rallied together to buy the majority stake of the Hornets team from previous owner Michael Jordan.

Church and Jordan also appeared together recently in Nashville where they took in a NASCAR race together.

So when Esquire started asking Church some questions, one of the more obscure ones was:

“Would you be able to score any points in a one-on-one game with the G.O.A.T, Michael Jordan?”

Church didn’t take very long to start analyzing the question, and he quickly came back with this answer:

“He’s 60. Umm…if I get the ball first, maybe in 10 years. Maybe, probably not today. He’s competitive as hell.

If he reads that question before we play, no f**king way.”

Seems like Eric Church knows how competitive the 6-time NBA Champion can be, and still is, at the age of 60.

The Chief apparently wanted to be spotted another 10 years or so before he felt like he really had a chance against MJ.

You can hear him answer that question, and a plethora of others, in the clip below:

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