Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Pleads For Taylor Swift To Date Someone On His Team: “Break Up With Him”

Mark Cuban
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Tired of hearing about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce yet?

The answer is probably “no” considering you are here and reading this story, so let’s get into the power couple that everyone is talking about in the sports world.

I won’t get into the full synopsis considering that the relationship has been public for a while now. Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs Tight End, is dating the country-turned-pop singer Taylor Swift. As a result, “Swifties” have officially infiltrated the sports world.

If you don’t believe me and need proof, over 24 million people tuned into the Chiefs blowout game this past Sunday because they knew Swift was there, and Kelce’s jersey sales reportedly went up 400% in a matter of days.

Clearly, Swift popularity has the ability to move the needle, and it has certainly helped the NFL in ways that their marketing team could have never drawn up. Linking Taylor Swift to football is the only way that the NFL could have gotten the younger women demographic to watch.

The phenomenon has gotten the attention of other sports leagues as well, which brings in Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban.

The owner of the Texas-based NBA team hasn’t ever been afraid to speak his mind, and after hearing other people pitch their ideas to him over the years on Shark Tank, Cuban decided he would pitch one of his own today on ESPN’s First Take.

Cuban knows that Swift could bring a lot of eyes to the Dallas Mavericks, so he decided to shoot his shot (basketball pun intended) not for himself, but rather on behalf of his players:

“Taylor, if you are listening, sorry Travis. Break up with him, I got a bunch of good-looking single guys that play for the Dallas Mavericks. I got you.”

Everyone and their brother wants in on the craze surrounding Taylor Swift, and Cuban clearly wouldn’t mind for Swift to bring her fanbase over to his NBA team.

There’s basically an entire economy that rests on Taylor Swift’s shoulders (as crazy as that sounds), and wherever she goes or whatever she does, the money follows. Something tells me this won’t be the last pitch we hear from a sports organization…

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