Zach Bryan Surprises Crowd During Pilgrimage Festival Performance With Appearances From The Lumineers, The War & Treaty And Noah Kahan

Zach Bryan War & Treaty country music
YouTube/Norah GXVE

Zach pulled out all the tricks for this one.

This weekend was the annual Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, and headlining the event were The Lumineers and Zach Bryan.

Zach has spoken many times about his love for The Lumineers, and recently featured the band on his song “Spotless” from his self-titled album.

So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that during his headlining set at Pilgrimage, Zach took the opportunity to bring out The Lumineers to perform “Spotless” together live for the first time.

But that wasn’t the only surprise Zach had for the crowd. He also welcomed The War and Treaty to the stage during his set to perform their duet “Hey Driver.” And the husband and wife duo absolutely knocked it out of the park.

And to round out the slate of special guests, Zach also brought out Noah Kahan to perform their just-released duet “Sarah’s Place” from Zach’s surprise Boys of Faith EP.

After the show, Zach thanked all of his special guests and called it “one of the most amazing nights of my life.”

I have a feeling all of the fans there agree, because that was one hell of a lineup.

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