Mule Deer Running Full Speed Next To A Car Takes A Tumble Trying To Make It Over The Fence

Mule Deer hits fence

A swing and a miss.

I guess, it’s a jump and a miss… either way this is just too funny. I hate to laugh at any wildlife that is injured but this ol’ boy seems just fine after that tumble.

Mule deer are some of the most sought-after large game in the country. Their picture-perfect antlers are a hunter’s dream, mixed with some pretty great tasting meat.

Muleys live in the Western half of ther United States, stretching into the edges of the Midwest all the way to the west coast from the south down into Mexico, clear to the north up into Canada. They are a fair sized deer weighing up 300 pounds for large males. This makes them a very desirable species in any area they reside.

Seeing an animal you spend countless hours chasing is always great. Seeing something very out of the norm and hilarious just makes it all that much better.

This muley is spotted absolutely given’er, full speed ahead, running through a farm field as a car travels right beside it.

The buck decides it’s time to make it over the fence and across the road. It takes the last leap and tries to get over the fence but… no dice.

The deer clips the fence and takes a big tumble. It gathers itself up off the ground and easily hops back over it running off.

Better luck next time…

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