Colorado Man Wakes Up To Find A Mountain Lion Mauling An Elk At His Front Door

Mountain lion eats an elk
Viral Hog

I have so many questions…

Did the elk get killed by this mountain lion or was it already dead? Did this guy happen to come across the scene afterwards or did he see it?

Mountain lions are some of the coolest animals that run around the woods. An apex predator feared by virtually everything, it is deadly silent and always terrifying never knowing where they are or what they might do.

As the saying goes, if you see a mountain lion, it’s already to late…

This video comes to us from Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and starts as a mountain lion is looking in the other direction, you notice that it is standing over and elk that is dead.

The mountain lion turns and looks directly at the camera. It noticeable has blood all over its chest, leading to the conclusion that it must have killed the elk. It makes a crazy mean face at the man as if to say “I’ll come at you”.

It then almost seems as it snaps out of its killer trance, turns away and starts walking. The video ends with it going off into the woods.

It shows how wild these animals are. The look it had when it looks into the camera will send a chill down the spine of any outdoorsman.

Man, what a wild encounter… he will have a story that will never leave his rotation and even has video to prove such a tale.

Here’s his account of what happened:

“I was lying in bed when I heard banging outside my house. This night was cold below 20° and the first big snowfall of the winter. Laying there thinking can’t be a bear, they should be hibernating.

Went downstairs looked out my front door and saw the elk lying on its side kicking its front legs. Within minutes the kicking stopped. I moved from the front door to the bathroom window for a better view of the elk.

That’s when the little mountain lion popped up from underneath it. Security cameras caught the cat coming back the next night looking for the kill. Thankfully it has not come back since.”

Pretty cool, eh?

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