Cody Johnson Announces Release Date For Upcoming Album ‘Leather,’ Drops New Singles “Work Boots” & “Watching My Old Flame”

Cody Johnson country music
Cody Johnson

The announcement we have been waiting for…a new Cody Johnson album is coming.

Of course Cody has hinted at his new 24-track deluxe album for awhile now, and even revealed earlier this year that the upcoming album called Leather would be released at some point in late 2023.

But now we officially have a release date – and two new singles.

One thing about CoJo is that he will be consistent, and the two singles he released today on top of the album announcement HIT.

Cody announced that the full album is slated to be released on November 3. And alongside the album’s announcement, he also released two new singles, along with previously-released single “The Painter,” on a preview EP Work Boots and More from Leather.

“CoJo Nation, I’m excited to announce that my new album Leather is out November 3rd and is available for pre-order now!”

Johnson brings his Texas two-steppin’ twang to “Work Boots,” highlighting the lighthearted message of getting to work. The catchy ditty will have you tapping your toes along as you head out to work. The lyrics emphasize that your “Work Boots” can be used more than heavy lifting but are tried and true for helping win over a girl.

“First step is we’ll go up and ask her her name
And then maybe these two left feet will get two-step carried away
Don’t dig in your heels now just follow my lead
It’s a moment of truth and I can’t have you draggin’ our feet

So come on work boots
We’ve got a little work to do
It looks like she wants to dance
I wouldn’t wanna to miss our chance”

The second single off the album preview, “Watching My Old Flame,” is a classic heartbreaker, talking about watching your old lover from afar. The lyrics painfully tell the story of still holding on to a bit of hope that things could come back around, but seeing that she has moved on fully.

“It’s been over for a while and we both know it (Know it, know it)
And I keep prayin’ maybe she might turn around (Turn around, turn around)
If there’s a lisped of a spark left, she don’t show it (Show it, show it)
Yeah she’s movin’ on from me there ain’t no doubt
It’s the hardest thing watchin’ my old flame, go out”

That last line punches you in the gut.

Cody Johnson has picked three extremely strong singles to highlight in this album preview. I am stoked to see what else is in store for Leather. 

With the announcement of this album, 2023 is shaping up to be one helluva year for country music…

If you haven’t checked out “The Painter,” listen to it while you’re here.


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