There Are So Many Bucks In This Town One Nearly Rubbed The Stop Sign Post In Two

Deer rubbing stop sign

That’s a lot of deer.

But where is this, again? Asking for a friend…

Anywhere with that many deer is a town worth knowing the name of just in case there’s ever the chance to go there.

Deer are loved far and wide. Whether you’re a hunter who obsesses over these beauties or just someone who loves seeing them, a lot of folks like ‘em.

They are peaceful creatures by nature, and sadly are often food for everything that can get ahold of them. They can reach 250-ppounds but generally average closer to 100 pounds, making them a very manageable size for many predators.

Deer have very little defense other than running and being in an area with no predators. This often draws them to towns where there is an abundance of food, low predation, and competition.

Sometimes it gets out of hand though. With no competition and no predation, including hunting in many cases, the deer populations often boom once they get established in town. They become a nuisance and a danger to people as they flood the streets and start getting hit by cars.

In some towns they even call in professionals to remove the deer because it gets to be to much to handle. I dare say they are nearing that point in this town.

A man takes a video of a local stop sign showing just how many deer are in the area. The stop signpost is seen, rubbed down by a deer scrapping his antlers. The post is nearly broken right off.

He then turns the camera to a whole group of beauty bucks just sitting across the road.

Yeah, I would say the deer are a problem here at this point…

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