San Francisco Giants Announcer Gets Caught On Hot Mic Saying He’s “Gotta Pee”

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Watch out for that hot mic.

If you’ve watched a lot of sports throughout your life, then you’ve probably heard a slip up from the announcer, whether it was getting caught with the hot mic after thinking they were off air, or completely jumbling their words and accidentally saying something bad.

Many may remember the infamous apology from former Cincinnati Reds announcer Thom Brennaman, who called a homerun by Nick Castellanos in the middle of his apology for using a gay slur without realizing he was on the hot mic.

There was also the SEC baseball announcer who jumbled up his words while trying to say “turn the clock back,” which was a complete accident but completely came out the wrong way.

Sometimes, these moments can have serious repercussions, and can lead to a firing and a shattered reputation, regardless of it was an accident or not…

However, there are also times where these moments are absolutely hilarious, and completely harmless, just like this example.

San Francisco Giants and NBC play-by-play announcer Duane Kuiper was calling the Giants vs. Arizona Diamondbacks game last night, when he was about to go into a commercial break.

But, little did Kuiper know that they hadn’t quite gotten to the commercial break yet, because he was caught on the hot mic saying:

“I gotta pee.”

As they say, you’ll have that on them big jobs. At that moment, the whole Bay area and everybody tuning into the game knew that Duane Kuiper had to go take a piss.

My only wish is that he said something more hilarious and dad-like… something like, “Time to pay the water bill” or “Gotta drain the dragon.”

The Diamondbacks defeated the Giants 7-1.

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