Deion Sanders Asks Tom Brady If Shedeur Needs A Rolls Royce: “I Think He Needs To Get His A** In The Film Room”

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I’ve got to admit, it’s been pretty cool to watch how Deion Sanders has completely changed the Colorado football program, and the culture in Boulder in general.

After winning only one game last season, the Buffaloes are now 3-0 after defeating their archrival Colorado State 43-35 in a double overtime thriller.

And of course, a lot of the team’s success has stemmed from the work of Deion’s son, and Colorado starting quarterback Shedeur Sanders, who is currently leading the NCAA in passing yards per game.

They’re gonna have a tough test in Week 4 against Oregon, but so far, Coach Prime and company have been beyond impressive.

Whether you like Coach Prime’s style or not, he’s making a big difference, and Shedeur is as well.

But speaking of Coach Prime and Shedeur, the two made an appearance on Tom Brady’s Let’s Go! podcast recently.

While on the podcast, Deion asked Brady:

“One question before I go, Tom do you think a college kid needs a Phantom, like a Rolls Royce?”

Shedeur quickly corrected his dad, saying that it isn’t a Phantom, it’s actually a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

That’s when Brady hilariously responded:

“I think he needs to get his a** in the film room, and spend as much time in there as possible and less time in the car, and more time in the film room.”

Shedeur then hilariously called out Brady for having one too, and that’s when Brady responded:

“That was just a rental, hey I had a few bucks in my pocket at that point, I’ll share some car stories when we’re together next time.”

I think we need some more Coach Prime, Shedeur, and Tom Brady content out there.

Check it out:

Deion went on to say that Shedeur really looks up to Tom (and has even practiced with him), so he needed Tom to set him straight on the Rolls Royce talk:

“He loves you to life… he took all that to heart, everything you do, everything you say. You have no ideas how many times I’ve used you to get on his butt.”

We’ll see if Shedeur takes that advice to heart:

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