The War And Treaty Honor Chris Stapleton With Showstopping Performance Of “Cold” During ACM Honors

War and Treaty country music

A standout performance from the ACM Honors.

The intimate awards show aired last night on FOX after being filmed in August. The show highlights more than today’s stars by honoring career milestones among established artists while also recognizing those behind the scenes that make the industry go round.

We have been raving about the talent of Chris Stapleton taking home the Triple Crown Award, highlighting his monumental achievements.

And, to accompany his celebration, The War and Treaty laid down an incredible performance in his honor.

The duo, Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter, wailed out the lyrics to Chris’ 2020 hit “Cold.”

The Grammy Award-winning track was the perfect selection from The War and Treaty to highlight their soulful and powerful voices.

And, in my opinion, having this duo perform after the release of “Hey, Driver” with Zach Bryan is about to give these two the much-deserved push they need to be in the limelight.

The melodies stay similar to the original version recorded by Stapleton, allowing listeners to focus on their incredible vocals.

Michael Trotter Jr. takes the first verse, setting the soulful tune and highlighting his vocal control during the first chorus. Tanya then joins in for the second verse, belting the words with power and confidence.

I got full-body chills when their two voices joined for the second chorus and bridge. Their harmonies are spot on, highlighting their bond musically and as husband and wife.

Stapleton is dialed in during the whole performance, in awe of their performance.

It’s breathtaking.

When The War and Treaty was on tour with Stapleton a while back, they shared how special it was to grace the stage to sing “Tennessee Whiskey” with Stapleton in Canada.

They both noted how they always looked up to Stapleton when they were in the infancy of their career, seeing there was a place in country music for those with booming voices like theirs.

“He didn’t have to have us come out, but he did, and that, my friend, is why he’s on top! Thanks to the Stapletons for this opportunity.” 

I can only imagine how special it was for The War and Treaty to sing “Cold” for Stapleton on this particular night.

I would kill for a collaboration between these two in the future.

While you’re here, check out the incredible “Tennessee Whiskey” performance from that night in Toronto.

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