The War And Treaty Belting Out “Tennessee Whiskey” With Chris Stapleton Will Give You Chills

Chris Stapleton War & Treaty country music
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This is simply incredible…

The War and Treaty have recently been shining bright among mainstream country music listeners with their feature on Zach Bryan’s self-titled album. However, if you are in the thick of country music, you’ve heard the incredible voices of Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter before.

The powerhouse musical duo and couple have paved their own country sound by incorporating elements of blues and soul into their music, creating songs that move their listeners.

The duo recently took to Instagram to share a story and clip from their time on tour with the legendary Chris Stapleton.

 “In 2015, a producer in Nashville told us that we would never make it as is. This producer told us that country music wasn’t for voices like ours. The producer wanted to work with Tanya alone and said I could play keys in the background and that my voice wasn’t good enough.

After that, I said, “What about Chris Stapleton?” The producer laughed and said he’s just a flash in the pan and ain’t going to be around in 5 years.”

Michael, who is narrating the text on the video, says that after the producer made those comments to him and Tanya, they moved back to Michigan, where they started covering “Tennessee Whiskey.”

“I dreamed of one day singing it on stage (“Tennessee Whiskey”) with him and Morgane Stapleton. Just me and my Totty singing with two ICONIC presence would be awesome.

Been waiting to play Budweiser Stage in Toronto for a while, but a storm caused us to have to cancel our set so the audience could make sure to get enough Chris. So we gladly “stepped aside” so the man giving us the opportunity can do what he does best…SING.”

Since the duo could not perform their opening set, Chris Stapleton asked The War and Treaty to join him on stage during the portion of the show where he sings his hit song.

“He didn’t have to have us come out, but he did, and that, my friend, is why he’s on top! Thanks to the Stapletons for this opportunity.” 

When the verse came around for them to sing, they left everything onstage.

Tanya sings the first few lines and wails the lyrics. You can feel the power of her voice in your soul. When you think the soulfulness could not be topped, it does when Michael jumps in.

Stapleton and the Trotters then round out the chorus with a three-part harmony that will give you full-body chills.

This is a collaboration that NEEDS to happen in the future.

@thewarandtreaty Tonight in Canada we end our last show with #americanroadshow ♬ original sound – The War and Treaty

@thewarandtreaty From our last show with #AllAmericanRoadShow. One of the coolest moments ever for us. #TennesseeWhiskey ♬ original sound – The War and Treaty

Here is the full video of the performance. It’s well worth the watch.

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