Coach Ed Orgeron Steals The Show In New Rhoback Commercial: “Go Reauxback!”

Ed Orgeron Rhoback

Ed Orgeron, better known as “Coach O,” has clearly been enjoying his post-coaching life.

With his successful college football background, he could go back to coaching really anytime he wants to. However, he seems to be really enjoying his time off, which is being funded by that last severance check that he hilariously and happily accepted from LSU.

If you somehow missed that part of Coach O’s story, here’s the video that went viral:

Apparently some of that $17 million is drying up, so Coach O decided to partner up with the popular clothing company Rhoback to put out one of the best advertisements you’ll ever see.

Basically all they did was say that Ed Orgeron was the company’s new “interim CEO,” and made him do football things throughout the office. The formula is quite simple, but is incredibly effective.

Coach O had warehouse employees going through football speed drills, poured a cooler full of ice water on the employee of the month, gave a pump-up speech to a board room full of people, and instituted a new slogan for Rhoback which sounds very familiar to the one he had with the LSU Tigers: Go Rhoback.

In the clip, he apparently also wraps up everyday with a press conference that covers the company’s successes and sales, and tries to change the classic dog logo of Rhoback to a tiger (and even pushes to include more tiger print apparel).

All in all, it’s a hilarious commercial for the clothing brand, and also shows that despite no longer being the head coach of the LSU Tigers, the swamp monster that is Coach O still lives and breathes football, and I guess Louisiana.

Take a look:

X users (formerly Twitter users) were all about Coach O’s return, and shared their positive reactions to the ad in the reply section below the video:

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