Ref Hilariously Shuts Down Seahawks QB Geno Smith While Calling A Penalty: “I’m Talking To America Here, Excuse Me”

Geno SMith

A lot of times, us sports fans look at referees/umpires as either robots, or the anti-Christ, and anything in between.

They make a bad call, or make a call that costs your team a win in a tight game, never really get rewarded for the good calls, and next thing you know they’re public enemy number one, even though they had already made a ton of perfect calls throughout the game.

We tend to forget that refs are humans too. So, even though they tend to make a bad call from time to time, they also show off their sense of humor at times as well.

For example, I’ve seen several examples of a few offensive linemen moving early before a play starts for a false start penalty, and the ref will say something like:

“False start, on the offense. Everybody but the center.”

10/10 humor right there.

And then who could forget get Terry Collins exploding on umpire Tom Hallion, whose “ass was in the jackpot.” We still don’t know what that means…

With that being said, one ref had a hilarious moment yesterday, when the Seattle Seahawks took on the Detroit Lions.

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith wasn’t too happy about getting flagged for intentional grounding at the start of the fourth quarter, with the Lions up by four points.

So, when the referee went up to make the call on the mic to the crowd and to TV, Geno continued to stay on the ref’s case.

And what did the ref proceed to do next?

He looked at Geno, and said while live on the mic:

“I’m talking to America here, excuse me.”


I mean c’mon, this is top notch comedy for a ref’s standards right here.

Luckily for Geno and the Seahawks, the penalty didn’t hurt them too badly, as they ended up defeating the Lions 37-31 in a last second thriller.

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