On This Date: Ryan Bingham Released His 2012 Album ‘Tomorrowland’

Ryan Bingham country music
Ryan Bingham

One of the most underrated projects from Ryan Bingham’s collection.

The fourth studio album from the country artist turned Yellowstone star. The 13-track album was the first project after Bingham parted ways with Lost Highway Records, through which he released his first three records.

After his contract ended, Bingham took a leap of faith, putting out Tomorrowland through his owned label as an independent artist.

Bingham collaborated with Justin Stanley, who has worked with Paul McCartney, Snoop Dog, and Sheryl Crow, to produce the album. The two spent time in Malibu, California, making the record come to life.

The album’s sound was much different compared to his previous three, highlighting a gritty outlaw rock ‘n’ roll feel. With heavy percussion use, the lyrics of many of the tracks have an eerie feeling as Bingham’s raspy vocals are highlighted.

Tomorrowland has some hidden gems of tracks. Ryan Bingham’s discography today is filled with incredible tunes, but if you want some grittier twangers from Bingham’s earlier days, check out my favorites.

Happy 11th birthday, Tomorrowland. 

“Heart Of Rhythm” 

“Never Far Behind”

“I Heard ‘Em Say”

“Flower Bomb”

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