Oklahoma Granny Refuses To Sign Ticket, Gets Tased, Says: “I Kicked You Because I’m A Country Girl”

Oklahoma woman

As the great Ron Burgundy once said, “boy, that escalated quickly…I mean, that really got out of hand fast.”

This woman went from having to pay an $80 fine after getting pulled over to facing a felony charge, and it all happened in a matter of minutes.

Body camera footage of the incident that happened in Cashion, Oklahoma back in 2019 is going viral once again, showing what is at first, a very standard pulling-over-procedure, and then quickly advances to the woman being the most difficult person on the planet.

The officer first approaches the vehicle with a form saying that the driver was being ticketed, saying:

“I had to issue you for defective equipment, it’s $80, so you have until September 16th to take care of this.

If I can just get you to sign here where the X is.”

The woman immediately starts questioning the officer, saying that she should have at least gotten a warning about the equipment. She is then told that she did receive a warning, 6 months ago, and she would have no choice but to pay the fine.

“Karen” decides that she doesn’t want to pay the $80, and becomes increasingly difficult with the officer. She thinks that she doesn’t deserve to have to pay a fine for something that’s fixable, and tells the man that she won’t be signing the form.

That’s when the officer asks her to step out of the vehicle, which really turns the heat up on the entire situation. He tells the woman that she is under arrest and that she needs to exit the car, and “Karen” decides she doesn’t want to do that either.

She begins to roll up her window while the officer continues to try to tell the woman that she is under arrest. “Karen” finally rolls the window back down and starts to curse out the officer who pulled her over, which is probably not the best route to choose when dealing with the police (but I’m no expert).

When she can tell that her cursing didn’t go over well, she finally decides that signing the form for the $80 ticket wouldn’t be all that bad. The officer says “we’re beyond that now,” and things definitely go beyond the paperwork process when she speeds off in her vehicle.

The police officer rushes back to his car, quickly speeds up to catch her, and pulls the woman over again. This time, he isn’t “officer friendly,” and instead draws his gun as he walks up to her car once again.

She finally opens her door, and the officer approaches her and pulls her out of the vehicle, though she wasn’t willing getting out. He gets “Karen” down to the ground to try and cuff her, and once she kicks him, he knows he has to unfortunately pull out the taser.

The situation is not pretty following that, and things only really calm down once the woman is sitting upright in the back of the squad car. “Karen,” who I’m guessing was having a moment to think about what just happened, told the officer:

“You did not have to taser me. Yeah, I tried to kick you because I’m a country girl, and no I did not want to get thrown onto the floor.

I don’t like being thrown on the damn ground.”

A big “yeehaw” to all those country girls out there who won’t go down without a fight. However, I wouldn’t advise anyone to start kicking police officers, no matter how “country” you are.

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