Fish & Wildlife Service Found A Black Bear Taking A Nap In An Eagle Nest

Black bear naps in eagles nest
Cayley Elsik, JBER Environmental Conservation.

These bears are always up to something.

It really is crazy how many amazing things pop up about black bears and the things they get themselves into.

These bears can weigh up to 600-poounds and can consume as much as 20,000 calories in a day. That makes for a very hungry and motivated animal.

Black bears will eat just about anything from berries to dead animals and garbage. Pretty much anything that smells appetizing. And there’s nowhere they won’t try to get into just for the chance at some food, even cars and houses.

They have the skillset to find their food though. They can climb, run, claw and bite their way through almost anything.

Even birds, as well as their eggs, aren’t off the menu if they have the chance.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was conducting eagle surveys in Alaska when they captured something incredible.

A picture of a black bear curled up, sleeping right in an eagle nest.

They best explain it in their post.

“While a napping black bear isn’t what you would expect to find in a bald eagle nest when conducting an eagle nest productivity survey, it might not be too extraordinary on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson – JBER, Alaska.

In the past, a few eagle nests have been raided by black bears with predictably bad results for the nesting eagles (i.e., loss of that year’s nestlings). During a survey flown with a helicopter in May, this nest was occupied by an adult female eagle seen incubating an egg on the nest.

The survey, led by Steve Lewis of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, is part of a productive partnership between the Service’s Migratory Bird Management Program and JBER Environmental Conservation to study a variety of wildlife issues on the base”

The things you can see out there are wild.

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