Family Shocked To Witness A Buck Gobble Down A Bird In Their Backyard: “I Thought They’re Not Carnivores?”

Deer eats bird
Mark Rumble

Nature is unpredictable…

No matter how much people think they know about what goes on, there’s always something that goes against the conventional wisdom.

Deer are one of the most beloved creatures around and people from all walks of life love to see them around. I mean, who doesn’t love Bambi, right? And deer just so happen to love residential areas where they have easy access to food sources (like gardens) with a lower population of predators nearby.

These animals move into towns for access to all of the lawns, gardens and trees that they could ask for, all while avoiding competition.

Deer are herbivores, meaning that they only eat plants. And at that, they are highly selective feeders, that only eat things that are able to digest well.

But, nature is weird. And deer have been known to throw some curve balls at us like this one chewing down a snake.

Seeing these backwards things is always sure to throw you for a loop, and make you question what you are seeing.

These folks just didn’t know what to think when this buck was acting different.

The beauty deer is seen in a backyard just a chewing away on something. The folks are confused who are watching the deer.

“What is he eating? Is that his tongue sticking out or is it a bird?”

It’s not its tongue…

“It’s a bird! No way! Why would he eat a dead bird? I thought they’re not carnivores.”

They’re not kid…

The deer swallows it down as they watch in shock, even making sure to get the few last feathers.

You just never know what you might see out there.

And while deer are herbivores, and don’t even really have the teeth to chew threw flesh, they have been known to eat meat on occasion. When the opportunity presents itself, and they’re pretty damn hungry, they’ll take what they can get… even meat. Most of time it’s safe to assume that a meat-eating deer is very hungry and struggling to find food. When the diet is lacking the proper nutrients, they’ll do what they have to avoid malnutrition.

Exhibit A:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock