Deer Chows Down On Four Foot Long Snake Like It’s A Fruit Roll Up

Deer eating snake
Nature Is Metal

Everyone loves a good flip of the script or plot twist, and this deer more than provides one in this short video.

If you thought deer just stuck to eating grass and corn from corn feeders, you would be wrong my friend. Turns out that deer will scavenge and eat just about anything they can find, and that includes (apparently) sometimes chowing down on a four foot long snake.

The small deer slurps it up like one of the dogs eating spaghetti in the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp. Or, if any of you have ever had the American gummy delicacy known as the “Fruit Roll Up,” it kind of handles the reptile like one of those.

Who knows how the person videoing came across this deer. Maybe they watched the deer chase after the snake, stomp on it, and claim its prize?

Or maybe the snake challenged the deer and the wild animal practiced self-defense and came out on top?

Those questions are things we simply don’t have the answers to, but we do know for a fact that this young deer is eating this snake like it’s the best thing it has ever had. I’m sure I would be pretty excited to try something new too after eating bland grass, corn, and acorns all of my life.

The person videoing the deer chowing down asks one of the most profound, thought provoking, intelligent questions you’ll ever hear as they watch the wild animal eat its dinner:

“You eating a snake?”

The deer is probably thinking:

“No, idiot, I’m flossing my teeth. What does it look like I’m doing?”

Watch the unbelievable footage below:

Twitter users could barely believe that the innocent looking deer could be munching on a snake like a beef jerky stick:

And one TikTok user decided to take it a step further and post a duet video (or maybe it’s supposed to be a competition?) with himself eating a fruit roll up alongside the deer working its way through the snake:

Yep, I’m not getting that 20 seconds of my life back…

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